Fabric vs Vinyl Banner – Which Should You Choose?

There are multiple differences between a fabric and a vinyl banner. Fortunately, choosing the most suitable banner for your use case is relatively straightforward.

  • If you’re looking for an outdoor banner for long-term use, go for a Vinyl Banner.
  • If you are looking for an indoor banner or an outdoor banner for short-term use that is easy to transport, go for a Fabric Banner.


Fabric Banner

Vinyl Banner

Outdoor use


Not suitable for long-term outdoor use

Fabric isn’t suitable for long-term outdoor use.


Suitable for outdoor use

Vinyl is more durable for outdoor use and the colours are less likely to fade or get washed out in the rain.



More cost-effective to transport

Fabric is more cost-effective to transport because it can be folded and occupies less space. This also makes them easier to store.

The image below compares the size of two folded fabric banners vs two rolled up vinyl banners.


Needs to be rolled up which takes up more space

Vinyl should be rolled up rather than folded to prevent them creasing. Because of this, it is more difficult to transport vinyl banners compared to fabric.


Fabric banners can be dye sublimated which produces banners with a greater range of colours.

Fabric can also be tensioned which removes the creases and give it a premium look.

When used outdoors, the colours on a vinyl banner last much longer compared to a fabric banner.

The disadvantage of vinyl is it may have issues with glares from camera flashes. Because of that, fabric is the more popular choice for press conferences and red carpet events.


Fabric is less likely to crease than vinyl. Plus, any crease or fold marks can be ironed out. Vinyl creases easily. If you fold a vinyl, the fold marks can be quite obvious.

However, cleaning a vinyl banner is easier. All you have to do is wipe it clean. With a fabric banner, you would need to throw it into a washing machine.

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