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About Corflute Signs

Corflute sign is a lightweight, cost-effective option for producing indoor and outdoor event signage, building signs, retail displays and more.

Selby’s produce screen, and digitally printed Corflute Signs, which can be printed directly onto the Corflute. Signs may be single or double-sided and are available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.

  • High resolution full colour printing on all Corflute signs.
  • Cost-effective. Corflute signs are one of the most cost-effective signs on the market.
  • Any shape you want. Corflute can be folded or bent into any shape you desire.
  • Recyclable. Any corflute scraps or end of life signage can be recycled and reformed into new corflute. Read more about our Sustainability Focus.







Product Specs


Most common sizes are:
  • 1220 x 915mm
  • 1830 x 915mm
  • 1830 x 1220mm
  • 2440 x 1220mm
  • 1540 x 1040mm

Custom built to any size you want.


  • 3.3mm
  • 5mm


  • Corflute


  • Cut to size and sometimes with eyelets (depending on how you plan to use it)

Print Process

Other Materials

Rigid Boards Thickness Sheet Size Applications
Corflute 3.3 mm, 5 mm 2440 x 1220 MM General signage, bollard covers, folding a-frames and standees
Expanded PVC 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 mm 2440 x 1220 MM Indoor and short-term outdoor signage
Foamcore 5, 10, 20 mm 2440 x 1220 MM Indoor single or double-sided signage
Composite aluminium 3 mm 2440 x 1220 MM General signage applications
Screen board 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm 2440 x 1300 MM Indoor single or double-sided signage
Arma board 3, 5 mm 2440 x 1220 MM High-quality surface with superior strength
X board 6, 10, 16 mm 2440 x 1200 MM Indoor display products

Featured Projects

19 Crimes Dan Murphy’s

Partnership with

  • GOLD – SHOP! Global Awards 2020 – Alcohol & Tobacco – Temporary
  • GOLD – SHOP! Global Awards 2020 – Field & In-Store Promotion
  • GOLD – SHOP! Australia Awards 2019 – Alcohol & Tobacco – Temporary
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Is the base colour white?

The standard stock colour for Corflute is white, but we can source most colours if required.

Can it be used outdoor?

Corflute is plastic and is fabulous for outodoor use.

Can it be printed double sided?

We can print Corflute single sided or double sided.

Can this be cut into specific shapes?

We can print and cut Corflute into special shapes using our Zund machine.

What is the largest size you can print on Corflute?

The largest Corflute sheet we can print direct is 3000mm x 1200mm. Note: These large sheets have higher freight costs that should be considered.

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