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About Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are excellent display solution if you’re looking for a high-end presentation and can be used indoors or outdoors. Fabric banners can be printed via dye sublimation paper transfer, digital direct to fabric or screen printing.

These lightweight banners come in many fabric options and finishes and can be printed seamlessly up to 3200mm wide.

  • Up to 3200mm wide seamless fabric prints.
  • Vibrant colour reproduction.
  • Printed with environmentally-friendly water-based dyes.
  • Multiple hanging and fixing options.

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Product Specs


Fabric Weight Width Applications
Knitted polyester gloss (Trilobal) 135 GSM 3200 MM Flags, Banners
Knitted polyester matt 230 GSM 3200 MM Single sided banners and display products
Knitted polyester matt 300 GSM 3200 MM Single sided media walls and display products
Polymesh 110 GSM 2000 MM Banners for crowd control barriers , tempory fences and chain mesh fences
Woven polyester matt 150 GSM 1800 MM Single sided banners
Woven polyester 160 GSM 2000 MM Flags
Backlit polyester 150 GSM 3000 MM Fabric frame light boxes
Satin 120 GSM 1500 MM Single sided banners
Black back polyester 295 GSM 3200 MM Single sided banners
Blockout polyester 250 GSM 3200 MM Double sided fabric banners
Voile 45 GSM 3000 MM Highly transparent internal banners

Fabric Banner Finishing Methods

Hook velcro on back

Webbing and eyelets

Aluminium hanging rail

Sleeve top and bottom

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Can you recycle my Fabric Banner?

Fabric Banners can be fully recycled. All plastic, metal or silicon needs to be removed and banners are broken down to pure polyester and reformed into new products.

Can I iron my Fabric Banner?

Polyester fabric can be ironed or steamed to remove creases.

Can my Fabric Banner be washed?

Polyester fabric is a very durable textile and can be washed in a washing machine or dry cleaned.

Is my Fabric Banner waterproof?

We use polyester fabric for all our Fabric Banners so it is not waterproof, but the banners can get wet without any damage to the print.

How long will my Fabric Banner last indoors?

If your banner is not in direct sunlight, it will last for multiple years indoor.

What is the largest size you can print my Fabric Banner?

Our machines can print up to 3150mmH x 45mL seamfree. For any larger sizes, we can sew banners together with a discreet seam.

Can my Fabric Banner be double sided?

We recommend single sided hanging Fabric Banners. If you would like a double sided result, we can hang 2 single sided banners back to back, or you can use a Fabric Frame to have 2 banners back to back.

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