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About Custom Flags

Selby’s have over 30 years of experience in flag production using the latest digital printing equipment, with the capacity to produce 3000 square metres of printed flags per day.

Selby’s advanced printing methods produce high-quality custom flags with the most vibrant and accurate colour reproduction to best represent your company, brand or event.

Flags are custom made to any size or quantity using a range of materials.

Custom Flag Printing Process

  • Printing
    Print direct to fabric with water-based dyes
  • Curing
    Heat setting of dyes to polyester
  • Washing
    Removing excess dyes and chemicals from polyester
  • Cutting
    Cutting of fabric to required size and shape
  • Sewing
    Double-stitched finishing of all flags
  • Packing
    Packed in boxes as per client's requirements
  • Dispatch
    Australia wide with online tracking

Product Specs


Knitted polyester 135gsm (Trilobal).
No minimum order quantity.

Woven polyester 160gsm (Heavy duty).
Minimum order quantity: 20 units.

Flag Printing Machine

Flag Finishing Methods

Spine tape and eyelet

Webbing and eyelet

Spine tape and sisterclip

Flag cord and sisterclip

Flag cord and loop

Selby's Worry-Free Guarantee

Quality, punctuality and reliability. Your business deserves all three.
In an industry where trust is a must, Selby's is the partner you can rely on.

Ready for a true partnership experience?


How to care for your flag?

Flags are exposed to airborne contaminants such as dirt, dust and pollution, wind, and ultraviolet rays which all contribute to the deterioration of your flag.

The most effective ways to increase the life of your flags are:

  1. Avoid extreme wind conditions by taking your flag down
  2. Remove your flags during storms
  3. Take your flags down overnight which can double the life expectancy of your flag
  4. Request to have your flag manufactured with rounded corners rather than square corners which is best suited to portrait flags
How long will my flag last?

Generally flags last 3-6 months but this is very much dependant on weather conditions.

Can I get any size flag?

Yes, we can make a flag in any size.

What is mirror image?

Mirror image means we print on the front of the flag and the ink penetrates through to the back, so the design on the back of the flag is a mirror image of the front (i.e in reverse).

What is your turnaround time?

We can produce your flags in as little as 5-7 days.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We can produce from as little as one flag to a thousand.

Can you match to specific colours when printing flags?

Yes, we use PMS (Pantone) colour charts and can match to any standard PMS colour.

Are your flags Australian-made?

Yes, all our flags are printed and finished in Australia.

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