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About Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are commonly used at events, construction sites, on temporary fence, grandstands and scaffolding to reduce wind loading. Mesh banners are available in two different substrates: vinyl mesh and polymesh fabric.

Vinyl mesh is a durable heavy-duty substrate, therefore, more suitable for long-term outdoor use where extra strength is required.

Polymesh fabric is more suited to events and short-term outdoor use. It is lightweight, washable, easy to handle and transport.

Mesh banners can be finished with reinforced eyelets, sleeves, and kedar to suit sailtrack.

  • Reduced wind loading
  • Lightweight

Product Specs


polymesh fabric


vinyl mesh fabric

Vinyl mesh

Product Information
100% knitted polyester
Product Information
PVC coating to knitted polyester UV stabilizied Fire retardant
Printing Method
Digital direct mirror-image
Printing Method
UV curable digital single-sided
Physical Data
Weight: 110 gsm Gloss level: Matte
Physical Data
Weight: 300 gsm Density: 12cm x 12cm Gloss level: Matte

Finishing options

  • Hook velcro on back
  • Webbing and eyelets
  • Sleeve top and bottom


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Is Mesh Vinyl fire retardant?

Mesh Vinyl is not fire retardant.

Is Mesh Vinyl good to use on temporary fencing?

Mesh Vinyl is the industry standard for temporary fencing for long term use (over 3 months), it is commonly used on construction sites.

What size can you print Mesh Vinyl?

Mesh Vinyl can be joined together into large format banners. We can print up to 3200mm wide, so anything larger can be done with a discreet join.

Is the print easy to see on Mesh Vinyl?

We have different grades of Mesh Vinyl. On our premium mesh, you can easily see the print because we use more ink on the printable surface to achieve this result. Have a look at the photos in our gallery, it’s hard to believe they are mesh!

Why would I use Mesh Vinyl over Banner Vinyl?

If you are using your banner in a windy area, we recommend using Mesh Vinyl stock to allow wind to pass through. This is more effective than cutting wind holes.

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