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About Bunting Flags

Promotional and advertising bunting flags are a cost-effective display solution suitable for retail displays, point of sale or events of all types. Bunting flags are printed double-sided and can be produced to custom sizes including form cut designs.

Product Specs

Shapes and sizes

  • 300mm x 200mm (standard)
  • Custom size with any shape you want (must be within 300mm x 200mm)

Artwork Templates


  • 200gsm paper for indoors
  • 280gsm synthetic paper for indoors or outdoors


  • Sewn into lengths (determined by us or you), packed in bundles.
  • Always double sided unless specified.
  • Can be finished with black or white tape.

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Can Bunting Flags be used outdoor?
They can be made to suit outdoor use or indoor use.
What stock is Bunting Flags printed on?

Bunting Flags can be printed on 200GSM art paper for indoor use, 283GSM synthetic paper for outdoor use, or 600GSM blockout vinyl for long term outdoor use.

Are there standard sizes and shapes for Bunting Flags?

Standard sizes are 200mm x 300mm either triangle or rectangle, or 200 x 200 either triangle or square.

What colour tape can I use?

Bunting tape can be either white or black.

Can you print one image on one side and another on the opposite side?

You can print different designs on each side, we can alternate the designs in any order you like. For example, A / B / C / A / B / A or A / B / A / C.

Are there limitations on the lengths?

We can produce any length of bunting, we recommend cutting down into shorter lengths so its easier to manage. The most common lengths are 5m, 10m, 20, 25m. We don’t recommend anything longer than 25m as Bunting can become tangled.

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