Which Self Adhesive Vinyl Should You Choose

When you are choosing a sign for your business or commercial property, you will need to think about the different self adhesive vinyls available. The main types to choose from are clear focus, removable, permanent, blockout, and translucent. We can look at the different features of each of these SAVs and ensure you choose the right one for your marketing purposes.

Clear Focus





Clear Focus SAV is brilliant because it allows you to create a marketing material with a crystal clear image. It is sure to give your business some curb appeal and attract the interest of people passing by. However, clear focus SAV is not intended for long term use. Instead, it is designed to last a maximum of two years.

That said it is suitable for outdoor use and is perfect for styling your windows or walls. Depending on the surface, you can remove the sign with no issues for roughly six months. After that, you may find it more difficult and it may cause damage to the surface.

The benefit of removable vinyl is that it is a tad more economical. You will usually find that these vinyl SAVs are lower in price compared with some of the self adhesive vinyls.

The vinyl can be purchased with a gloss or matte finish. The choice here will depend on whether you want the sign to still be clear under different lighting. Obviously, the main advantage with this type of signage is that you will be able to remove it easily. So, it’s perfect if you think you will be changing your sign frequently or you will be using it more than once in a different location.

Permanent SAV can be used in environments where you want the vinyl sign to have a little more protection. As such, permanent SAV is perfect for outdoor use because the vinyl will be able to withstand the elements. It also won’t be at risk of wear and tear because the material is strong and sturdy.

Obviously, a key disadvantage is that the sign is not intended to be removed. Thus, you should be using an SAV like this if you want a permanent marketing material for your business. As an example, a permanent SAV would be perfect for the main sign on your building.

Blockout vinyl can be used when a stronger, sturdier material is needed. Typically, blockout SAVs are used for banners or marketing materials that are being put up outside a building.

The disadvantage of this SAV is that it doesn’t let any light to shine through it. Thus if you put it up over the window it will completely block any light from coming into the building outside. This is why it is usually used on signs that are put up on walls instead.

Blockout SAV is durable and will last for years without any sign of wear and tear.

Translucent SAV can be used as an external or internal signage. As the name suggests, translucent SAV will let some light through. For this reason, it is commonly used on signs that are either backlit or being displayed on a glass window. This SAV will give your sign a long lasting life of up to eight years.

However, you might find compatibility is an issue over certain contours. Thus, this would be more suitable for a sign with a smooth surface.

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