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About Street Flags and Banners

Selby’s has extensive experience working with capital cities, local councils, major events, trade associations, and regional centres to develop and produce bold, direct and eye-catching street flags and banners.

Selby’s is the contracted supplier of street flags to the City of Sydney and many other councils for which we manufacture over 10,000 flags per year.

Selby’s advanced printing methods produce high-quality street flags with the most vibrant and accurate colour reproduction to best represent your company, brand or event.

  • Over 10,000 street banners printed annually.
  • Custom sizes available to suit any pole configuration.
  • Contracted supplier to many councils Australia wide.
  • Fast turnaround time

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Product Specs


Knitted polyester 135gsm (Trilobal).
No minimum order quantity.

Woven polyester 160gsm (Heavy duty).
Minimum order quantity: 20 units.


Spine tape and eyelet

Webbing and eyelet

Spine tape and sisterclip

Flag cord and sisterclip

Flag cord and loop

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Can you print more than one design, if I ordered multiple flags?

Yes, you can print multiple designs, but there is an additional artwork setup cost associated with multiple designs.

How do Street Flags attach to the poles?

These Flags are attached to street poles via clips or cable ties, usually the pole manufacturer will specify the optimal way to fix the flag to the pole.

What material is used for Street Flags?

The standard fabric used for Street Flags is 135GSM knitted polyester (trilobal).

Can Street Flags be printed double-sided?

Street Flags are usually printed mirror image as this is lighter weight and less load on the poles. They can also be printed double-sided (sewn back to back) but they need to be smaller in size.

Are there any size limitations?

You can request for Street Flags of any size you like. However, you need to take into consideration that the larger they are, the higher the load on the poles, and the more wind is needed for the Flag to fly.

What is the difference between a Flag and a Street Flag?

Flags and Street Flags (or Banners) are essentially the same thing, many councils and permanent flag locations are on roads and so are called ‘Street Flags’.

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