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About Floor Decals

Floor decals are a great opportunity to add additional branding to your event or promotion. They can be great for way finding, sponsorship opportunities, special promo signage, and much more.

A variety of substrates to suit all surfaces:

Road / Ashphalt

Pavers / Bricks




Polished Tiles

  • Non-slip finish.
  • Many substrates to choose from to suit different needs.
  • Suitable to be used in both indoors and outdoors.
  • Full on-site installation service provided.

We have non slip certifications for all floor decals and can provide them on request.

Floor decals are single use only and depending on the size, choice of substrate, and the foot traffic on the chosen surface, can last from a few hours to many months.

We can also provide installation service for this product.

Product Specs









Removable SAV with non-slip laminate

Indoor floor applications including carpet, tiles, floorboards and concrete.

Texwalk (385 GSM)

Indoor floor applications including carpet, tiles, floorboards and concrete. No overlaminate required.

Road SAV (390 GSM)

Textured outdoor surfaces including road, asphalt, concrete, pavers and brick walls. No overlaminate required.


Materials Slip Rating Concrete Carpet Tiles Floorboards Road Brick
Removable SAV with non-slip laminate R9
Texwalk (385 GSM) R10
Road SAV (390 GSM) R12

Non Slip Certification

Australian / New Zealand Standards 4586:2004 non slip approved


Cut to size

Artwork Specs

View Artwork Specs

Print Process


Direct printing is where a dye is used to add colour directly to fabric.

UV curable

Screen printing uses a template with gaps in it for the design, which is burned onto a screen with exposure light. Ink is pushed into the pattern, leaving colour on the fabric.


One of the newest methods is digital fabric printing, done with inkjet technology. The fabric is fed through a printer, which applies the design through thousands of tiny ink drops.
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