Top 2 Reasons Why Getting A Cheap Media Wall Is Not Worth It

Compare the two media walls above. Which do you think looks more professional? The one on the left or the one on the right?

The right media wall looks more professional.

Why is that?

Two reasons.

#1 – The frame

  • Left media wall – You can see the frame on the sides.
  • Right media wall – You can’t see the frame at all. All you can see is the print.

#2 – The print

  • Left media wall – The print isn’t fully stretched and because of that, it looks saggy.
  • Right media wall – The print is stretched which makes it look seamless.

Why choosing the right media wall is important?

A media wall will reflect how consumers perceive your brand. You want your brand to be on something that looks professional.

Read more about brand perception:

The second reason is most of the time media walls are used during an event. It could be a red carpet event, a corporate event, or an activation campaign. During these events, you want your media wall to be there on time. Most suppliers don’t stock any inventory and import their walls from overseas only when an order is placed.

Behind the scenes, after you place an order for your media wall, the company will place an order with their overseas supplier, the overseas supplier will print it in their factory (hopefully the colour is accurate and matches your brand and sponsors’ logos), overseas supplier ship it either with air or sea freight depending on the urgency of the job, they receive it in their factory and then transport it to your event.

Everything is fine until something goes wrong. One of the biggest issues here is when the colour doesn’t match.

For example, the McDonald’s yellow is a totally different shade of yellow than UPS‘ yellow.

When this happens, they would have to redo the order and go through the process again. Place order, print, ship, and transport to the event.

The bottom line, you risk your media wall not arriving on time for your event.

Media wall options

Here is our media wall range:

Each of them is unique in their own way except two things:

  1. The frames are hidden
  2. The print is seamless
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