TRIGA® Go Wall

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australian made product

About TRIGA® Go Wall

TRIGA® Go is an affordable, ultra lightweight textile display solution. TRIGA®’s patented tensioning devices ensure a wrinkle-free finish, whilst the tool-less, modular frame structure allows for a quick and easy setup.

With TRIGA® Go, the assembly of small and medium sized textile display stands, walls, totems or towers are now even quicker, with no compromise on the seamless finish and solid design you’d expect from a TRIGA® DISPLAY.

  • Modular, reconfigurable aluminium frames.
  • Standard & custom sizes up to 2.5m high x any length.
  • Carry bags for ease of transport.
  • Lightweight & portable = lower freight costs.

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Does it come with a carry bag?

TRIGA® Go has carry bag with wheels for easy transport. A full TRIGA® Go bag weighs approximately 25kgs.

Do you need tools to put this together?

TRIGA® Go is assembled with no tools. All the pieces slot together.

What material is used?

We use a 300GSM matt polyester fabric which tensions really well on the stand.

Is the material Blockout on a TRIGA® Go Wall?

We use a 300GSM matt polyester stock which is very thick but not a true blockout, if there is light coming from behind you may see shadows of the frame.

What is a TRIGA® Go Wall?

TRIGA® Go is a tensioned fabric display system designed specifically for use in exhibitions. Using this system we can create a huge variety of expo stand configurations at a relatively low cost.

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