5 Different Finishing Options for Vinyl Banners

Choosing the right finishing option is important to the longevity of a vinyl banner. Most banner failures are usually because of poor finishing or poor installation. Here are 5 finishing options we offer to our clients.

The five finishing options we covered in this post are:

  1. Ropes and eyelets
  2. Webbing and eyelets
  3. Sleeves and rods
  4. Kedar to suit sailtrack
  5. Wind holes

1. Ropes and eyelets

Finishing your vinyl banner with ropes and eyelets is perfect when you need your banner to be hung between two poles.

2. Webbing and eyelets

Webbing and eyelets is a popular finishing option when attaching banners to fences such as cyclone fences and temporary fences. The banners are tied to the fences using cable ties/zip ties which go through the eyelets. These banners are mostly used in construction sites and outdoor events.

We have seen banners without webbing being ripped apart because of rough wind conditions. Hence, we use webbing to reinforce the banner.

3. Sleeves and rods

Finishing your vinyl banner with sleeves and rods is perfect when you require a hanging banner. These hanging banners are commonly used in trade shows, conferences, retail stores, and shopping centres.

A pocket is created by folding the vinyl banner over the back side of the banner and stitching it. The pocket allows a rod to slide through the banner. Typically, pockets are placed on both the top and bottom edges of the banner. The top pocket is used to mount the banner onto a ceiling. The bottom pocket is used to add extra weight to the banner and give it a flat look without it looking saggy.

Sleeves and rods are also known as pole pockets and pole sleeves.

4. Kedar to suit sail track

Finishing a vinyl banner with kedar to suit sail track is common among hoarding banners and wall-mounted banners. Kedar is sewn onto the banner which allows it to slide into the sail track.

5. Wind holes

Wind holes are half-circle cutouts in the banner. This allows wind to pass through the banner, reducing the wind load and improves the durability and longevity of the banner. During the production process, we take into account where your wind holes are placed. For example, we won’t place the wind holes on an important image such as a logo.

Wind holes are also known as wind slits.

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