Rebranding Using Digital Display Solutions: 7 Useful Tips

As time goes by, so does your brand identity tend to stay exactly where you left it 10 years ago. However, as any good business owner would know, it’s important to evolve with the times, even when it comes to bringing your brand identity into the current century.

Thus, as with any advertising campaign, various methods may be used in order to rebrand your business identity; including social media platforms and digital display solutions in the form of LED video walls and animated displays which leads to figuring out how to rebrand your identity using digital display solutions the correct way – ensuring that you’re able to leave a lasting impression by bringing in the correct technology to do the job.

1.       Go big or go home.

When rebranding your business identity, you simply can’t afford not to put as much effort into your campaigns as you possibly can. You have to go big by incorporating digital display solutions worth your while in order to even be noticed. Stay clear of small efforts as they’ll only seem a bit confusing to the recipient – struggling to see the larger picture behind your new look.

2.       Follow through on all platforms.

Rebranding involves large-scale advertising in order to reach your audience on all platforms, thus you need to ensure that your message is thoroughly and effectively followed through on all platforms; from social media to print and digital display solutions. If not, it’ll seem like one big advertising mess without a clear goal or message.

3.       Incorporate motion.

If you’re thinking of adding digital displays to your rebranding campaign, why not add as many perks as you possibly can in order to make it interesting? Using motion in moderation is advised; ensuring that you keep certain elements such as your logo or call to action always present on the screen. Be sure to allow enough time for viewers to read your message properly before moving onto the next motion, otherwise, your costly efforts may go to waste.

4.       Choose the right location.

Location is critical when adding outdoor/indoor digital display solutions to your rebranding campaign – being aware of the habits of the individuals who pay pass by your sign. Is it located in a busy urban area or close to a relaxed dining area when individuals may have more time to appreciate your rebranding efforts? Thus, choosing the right content for the right location will make or break your rebranding campaign faster than you think.

5.       Know your target market.

Not only is it crucial to know your target market inside out for content purposes, you also need to know whether a digital display solution will even work for those who need to see your message. You need to be fully aware of your target market’s buying habits, their ‘language’ and how they tend to interact with your brand, who they are and what they want, as well as the most effective way of reaching them. Is an LED video wall the right choice for your target market?

6.       Remember your core values.

At the end of the day regardless of whether you’re rebranding or staying as is, it’s important to remember your core values in order to identify your story. Every brand has a story to tell which will be able to connect who you are with your customers. Your core values will set the tone of your rebranding campaign – allowing you to maintain your voice without staying in the dark ages.

7.       Don’t be afraid of creativity.

Most importantly, it’s crucial to use as much creativity and uniqueness when incorporating digital display solutions in order to fulfil your goal, otherwise, what’s the point? You want to be able to stand out and make it interesting to look at, right? You also want to be remembered by the hundreds of individuals who will walk past your LED video wall. Thus, creativity is a must, not only for rebranding purposes, but for those who need to be able to enjoy what you have to say.

When it comes to rebranding your business identity, it’s important to make use of the latest technology in order to reach a brand new audience and expand your sales possibilities – not to mention the lasting impression you’ll leave simply by going the extra mile to include digital display solutions.

Remember, when incorporating LED video walls, animated displays, and various other digital display solutions to attract new and existing customers, it’s important to stay true to who you are, only adding a slight revamp to your existing message in order to keep up with the ever-changing times.

“Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealised, perfected image of themselves. As a consequence, their brands acquire no texture, no character.” – Richard Branson.

Author Bio

Mark Bourke is the Managing Director of Concept Displays, a signage company based in Melbourne Australia. When he isn’t working, you can find him enjoying life by the beach, park or near a BBQ.


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