Difference Between Mirror Image and Double-Sided Flags

At Selby’s, we have two print options when it comes to printing your feather flags, teardrop flags, and rectangle flags:

  1. Mirror image
  2. Double-sided

In this post, we will cover the difference between a mirror image flag and a double-sided one.

Mirror image

The advantages of a mirror image flag are:

  • More cost-effective
  • Faster turnaround time
  • More durable than a double-sided flag

Mirror image is also referred to as single-sided printing. When it comes to printing a mirror image flag, we will print your design onto a piece of fabric and allow the ink to bleed through to the other side. This results in your design being visible when viewed from the other side.


The advantages of a double-sided flag are:

  • Reads correctly from both sides
  • Looks higher quality because there isn’t a see-through
  • Option to add a different design on each side

When printing double-sided, we will print on two pieces of fabric and attach a blockout fabric in between to prevent a see-through. All three pieces of fabric will then be sewn together to complete the flag. The final result will be a flag that looks “thicker” and displays your design correctly from both sides.

If you need help choosing a mirror image or a double-sided flag, please contact our sales team at:

  • Melbourne – 03 9706 4755
  • Sydney – 02 9638 3747
  • Brisbane – 07 3277 7970
  • Toll free – 1800 241 066

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