Matte vs Gloss Finish – Which Should You Choose For Your Signage

Once you have selected a type of sign for your business and it has been created, you will need to think about choosing a finish. Finishes are useful because they can help protect your sign from the elements and ensure that your sign lasts for years. The two main options here are a matte or gloss finish on your sign.

Both have pros and cons so let’s examine each one carefully and make sure you make the right decision.

Matte finish

Gloss finish


Matte will give your sign a textured finish and one of the key advantages is that it won’t change based on the type of light it is viewed under. This is important if you are putting your sign in an indoor area with artificial lighting. Or, if it is outside and you want it to be visible at night under street lighting. With a matte finish, the writing on your sign will always be clear and readable.

Another benefit of this finish is that it’s easy to remove. If you are unhappy with the sign for any reason or the finish, removing it won’t require a lot of effort. The job can be completed quickly within a matter of minutes.

If you want the best results from this finish, it should be applied to a mirror, glass, or any other similar service. This will ensure that the sign is clearly visible and it will bring out great results.

In contrast, signs with a gloss finish are far more durable. They can last upwards of eight years even when used outside and exposed to the elements. The sign will also have a smooth, seamless finish, without any texture at all.

These signs offer more stylistic choices because you can choose gloss with different colors and shades. This can generate a different ethos for the sign and make it a little more unique.

Gloss finish signs are also quite practical. You can install them on glass or any wall with no trouble at all.


One of the biggest cons of a matte finish is that it won’t last that long. The maximum you can expect it to stay in good condition would be about three years if it is looked after.

You might also find it difficult to install these signs on certain walls that are textured or uneven.

When removing the sign, you may damage the wall as it tends to rip off the paint. This is particularly true if the sign has been left there for a long period. As such, gloss signs tend to be more difficult to remove.

There is also an issue with lighting. Gloss signs tend to change based on the type of lighting that they are under. Essentially, the sign catches the light and distorts the image. Instead of seeing the image or graphic it is distorted by a reflection of the light. Therefore you would need to be careful about using signs like this under certain types of lighting.

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