4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banners are an extremely popular marketing display for organisations and business owners everywhere. Not only are they relatively inexpensive. But they also offer great versatility due to their dimensions and portability. Moreover, the materials used offer greater durability than many of the alternatives.

However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t take care of your vinyl banner. After all, a little additional care can help it look better for longer. Not only does this ensure that your business reaps the rewards of a banner that reaches more people. It also allows your company to keep making a great impression time and time again.

Here are 4 tips to keep your vinyl banner in top condition throughout the year.

1. Choose wisely

Virtually all vinyl banners offer cost-effective marketing. Likewise, almost all of them are pretty durable against the weather. However, the wind and rain aren’t the only elements to consider. Choosing a banner from a higher quality vinyl will protect it from vandals and accidents too.

A little extra quality can make a lot of difference. Above all else, superior vinyl will stand the test of time better too. For a small extra cost, it’s worth the added peace of mind. On the other hand, it’s still important that you strike the best deal too.

2. Use the correct cleaning methods

Even the best quality banners will collect dust and dirt over time. Most customers will forgive a little grubbiness, especially if the banner is located outdoors. Nevertheless, you cannot afford to let things spiral out of control.

Cleaning a vinyl banner doesn’t need to be done too frequently. But you must use the right method. Manual cleaning is the only suitable option, and you should use clean water with a light detergent. Another alternative method is to use a little soap and gently wipe thoroughly. The key to cleaning a vinyl banner is a light touch because using too much force might cause irreparable damage.

After the initial wipe, it is important to dry it thoroughly using a soft cloth.

3. Store it carefully

Protecting the vinyl banner when it’s in use is one thing. However, it’s equally crucial to store it in a suitable manner too. The last thing you want to do is take it back out to find it has been damaged beyond repair.

Banners should always be rolled rather than folded, to prevent creases. The type of printing used will determine whether you should have it facing inwards or outwards. If you cannot find an answer, don’t be afraid to ask your printer directly.

When it comes to storing the product, keep it out of sunlight to prevent discolouring. Avoiding excessive heat is crucial while you obviously want to avoid fire hazards and similar dangers.

4. Prevent creasing

Vinyl banners are durable, but they aren’t indestructible. Therefore, it’s important to take regular care of your product. If your banner is held up by eyelets and rope, these can be common sources of fraying. Using scissors to cut those stray threads prevents them from becoming worse.

Creasing is the other big issue. Keeping the banner taut can help prevent those issues. But if they do appear, place a wet towel over the affected area and iron over it. Of course, this must be done on a flat surface.

Ripping is very unlikely. If it happens on the reverse of your banner, you can usually cover it with tape or other materials. If it occurs on the front, your best bet is probably to buy a new banner. Thankfully, it’s a very rare occurrence.

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