Pull Up Banners (Classic)

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About Pull Up Banners (Classic)

Pull Up Banners (Classic) are printed on a non-curl vinyl. These convenient, cost-effective stands are suitable for exhibition displays, trade show displays, product launches and point of sale. These roll up banner stands are quick to set up, come with their own carry bag and are an ideal portable display for brands on the go.

Product Specs

Size and artwork template

What’s included

  • Non-curl banner vinyl
  • Anodised aluminium base
  • Carry bag

Product Demonstration


  • Print – Non-curl banner vinyl
  • Base – Anodised aluminium base

Set up time

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What is the difference between your Classic and Deluxe Pull Up Banner?

Our Classic has a budget base and with a premium quality skin. Our Deluxe Pull Up Banner has a premium base with a 5-year warranty, and a non-curl banner skin.

What material do you use?

We use PVC Vinyl for the skins. This is the premium choice as it will not curl or tear.

Can you replace the banner or do you need to buy a new unit?

We can replace the prints in existing stands which is fantastic for sustainability.

Can I replace the banner myself or do you have do it?

You can send your stands back to us and we can swap the prints over, or you can change them yourself.

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